Translating Japanese names

Romanization of Japanese names is easy, but translating a Japanese name back to its original form with the correct probabilities is hard. There are many Kanji variants for a single Japanese name in its romanized form.

Japanese surnames

This table is misleading, as one romanized name doesn't corresponds exactly
to one Japanese name in Kanji - there can be many variants.

Most common Japanese given names

Here are the most frequent names given to babies in Japan in 2020
according to

Male Japanese names Female Japanese names
1 Haruto Honoka
2 Minato Akari
3 Haruki Himari
4 Sōta Mei
5 Yūto Ema
6 Riku Yui
7 Yuito Mio
8 Aoto Ichika
9 Aoi Aoi
10 Hinata Tsumugi

As there are multiple original Kanji names (including variants) for a same romanized name, the order differs when looking at the most frequent male Japanese name or the most frequent female Japanese name.

Male Japanese names Female Japanese names
Main variant Main variant
1 Ren 陽葵 Himari
2 陽翔 Haruto 芽依 Mei
3 Minato 陽菜 Hina
4 悠真 Yūma 結愛 Yua
5 結菜 Yūna
6 Itsuki さくら Sakura
7 大翔 Hiroto あかり Akari
8 Aoi
9 大和 Yamato Tsumugi
10 湊斗 Minato 莉子 Riko
10 Aoi

Installing the open source server, or using the Open API ?

You can install the open source translation server and host it yourself, or you can use the Open API. The latter is recommended for users who would like to directly use the service without any IT maintenance effort.